Take Me Gently – A Poem by Alexis Renée

Today I said a prayer until my cuticles were gone and so was the hour. 

I’ve ripped my intentions down to attention, but even with the best glue, my confessions are shred with humor and blame. 

So I pierced my lips with a keyless lock, and it has been effective, but when even the tiniest speck of trust floats on the shackle, my tongue flops out and I wake up at an altar.

Blood-stained hands aren’t an idiosyncrasy. Disinfectants can’t clean seats of infertility. 

I don’t like how my palms turn bright red under the faucet or how the man under my bed is only there when I have the energy to make sure he’s gone.

I don’t like how I bury my head between my right shoulder and the window when I break character in the car.

But I especially don’t like how you refuse to take me gently.

I’ve had to teach myself apathy to gain some control yet I can’t seem to shrug you off.

My flesh is unsewn for you, the stench of infected gore burns your nostrils and you open a window.  

I’ve spoken of how crawling out of the abyss would be nearly impossible when the light died.

Now here I am on a ledge that I’ve cartwheeled on for 2 years, but lived on forever, and I’ve sat down and swung my legs over. I would scream but the altitude has taken the breath from my lungs.

I stroke my eyebrows and cup my cheeks when I cry, you question me with daggers and they’re stapling me to the floor of my sealed room. 

If I fade off in this way, my body tossed on the carpet and a box pushed against the door, you’d spend the first day of my absence coexisting with the dead silence that booms from the end of the hall. On the second day, you’d yell my name, knock on the door, and call my phone until two days later when you hesitantly push the door open.

Please, take me gently.

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Peace – A poem by Alexis Renée

Click on this link to read my poem and one of my first publications of the new year, “Peace”: https://genzwrites.weebly.com/poetry–short-stories1/peace

This past year, I learned about the importance of peace in ways I did not anticipate and although I’m still trying to find it, I have a better understanding of where it can be found. I hope this poem inspires you to claim peace for yourself.

Comment on this post what peace means to you!


2020 is officially extinct and 2021 has just begun!

May your 2021 be full of joy and beauty, make the most of every moment!

Take time to reflect on the year that’s behind us and and be kind to yourself. Also “New Year’s Day” by Taylor Swift is an extremely appropriate song to listen to today.

Thank you for all of the support and stay safe!


I’ve learned that I need space to heal, but with people you can’t always get distance. 

So sometimes healing is a seesaw and you’re stuck on the end that’s in the air, the necessity of secret songs and protected art outweighed by the need for their presence. 

And if they get up and leave, you’ll hit the ground with a swiftness and force that you will feel for the rest of your life. Your graceless landing will shove your lungs out of its cage and whenever you take a breath a bit too deep, you’ll be stung with cartilage. 

However, there is always a choice to make and if you find the strength to jump off the seat, your knees will bruise and you’ll walk away with a limp but they’d remain seated because with or without you they are grounded.

Alexis Renée

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

May your holiday season be filled with love, joy, peace, and blessings.

This is my last Christmas as a teenager and I’m savoring every last bit of it.

I watched the new Pixar movie, Soul, this evening. It is a beautiful film with a message that we all need to hear now more than ever and it came at a moment in my life where I really needed to hear the message.

This holiday season is different, to say the least, so please take care of yourselves!

Can you believe that this time next week it’ll be 2021?! Time doesn’t stop for anyone.

Stay safe!

Dear Black Youth


Dear Black Youth,

We are so precious.

We come of age in a society that strives to prevent us from aging, that tries to break and suffocate us.

But we live on, we love, we dream, and we win.

We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams.

Black Generation Z, we are so powerful.

We are at the age where we are passionate about everything and I pray we never come out of this.

We have the energy, we have the fight.

So many tell us no or it’s not possible but we’ve always known the yes is ours.

No one dreams without the slightest of faith that it can be true and a mustard seed is all it takes to fulfill our aspirations.

We were birthed by dreams. We live through prayers, we can love because of the battles that were fought.

We are inexplicably beautiful and hold a depth that many cannot swim in.

I look at us and I am in awe.

I am grateful to have been raised surrounded by you all. You taught me diversity and community.

We are children fighting for each other and the unborn.

We don’t wait for 18, we put ourselves at the front lines. 

But I know it can be exhausting, how everything we do is a statement. Our every move is political because our bodies are politics. But don’t let this change you.

Be your truest self and continue to grow into who that is.

We may be a part of society but we don’t belong to it.

You don’t have to abide by its rules.

Love who and what you truly want to.

Be genuine to and with yourself and others.

Your Blackness is not defined or subdued by the type of music you do or don’t listen to, the art you do or don’t love, the people you do or don’t admire.

Be sure to treasure yourself. Guard your mind and heart but also let them be free. 

We must uplift and support one another. When one of us wins, all of us win.

Loving our Blackness is not easy, we inevitably have moments or phases of indifference, but don’t let it take a lifetime to accept it.

Remember to wear your sunscreen but embrace your ever-changing skin and all of it’s shades.

We are worthy of everything that is good,

Alexis Jefferson

(Written when I was 18)



Today is my last full day of being 18 years old. In less than two hours, it will be my birthday.

Usually the start of a new year of life scares me or I don’t feel ready to become a year older, but I’m not scared of 19.

I think turning 19 isn’t what will garner a deep emotional response from me but being 19 will. I will soon be entering my last year of teenage life. Life is constantly moving me forward.

I wanted to come on here and just make this post as a time capsule.

I’m listening to “18” by One Direction.

18 was full of new. New people, new places, new feelings, new insecurities, new friends, new pain.

I lived in a different state away from home by myself for the first time ever. I started fresh. I became horseback rider and got a lot better at the guitar.

17 was one of the best and most memorable years of my life so far, maybe when I look back on 18 I’ll add it to the list.

I’m grateful for everything I experienced during my 18th year of life and I wouldn’t change any bit of what happened.

Here’s to my own person New Year!

God Bless 19.

I’ll be the same age as 19-year-old Harry Styles and that’s iconic.

Check-In and Film Photography

The world has changed drastically since the last time I posted and I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe, and finding healthy ways to cope with however the current societal and global climate may be affecting your mental health.

One thing that is helping me get through these times is my art, whether it be writing, photography, film, or music. With that said, here are some photos that I have taken on disposable cameras (35mm) over the course of the past year, I hope they bring bring light to your day!





I apologize for my disappearance but I’m back! I have recently started college and the first semester was a lot, but today marks the end of my second week of my second semester and it’s going great so far.

I hope everyone’s year is going great, it’s crazy to think we’re in a new decade! I’ve spent the majority of my life so far in the 2010s so I’m entering into the unknown and it’s scary but exciting.

As for My Truth Poetry, expect more poems and photography! I even started film photography so be on the lookout for that!